Team Courage

At Train to Inspire we strive to provide hope and encouragement during situations that challenge the lives of those we try to impact.

What we do

Team Courage is our program that focuses on giving youth with health concerns a chance to be uplifted and empowered. Working with local organizations we are able to provide opportunities to make smiles and memories.

Team Courage is meant to be a unique experience for each participant. Our focus is to find the interests of the child and find local activities or services that can help create smiles.

Team Courage Logo
Team Inspire Activity

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide the resources we have available to make a child’s life brighter through positive engagement, enlightening activities, and building hope.

If you have a family, or know of one, that could benefit from our goals please contact us at Courage@TrainToInspireIowa.Org.

- Once we receive the information about a child we will contact you on the request as soon as we are available. It is possible there could be a waiting list, so the sooner you submit your information the more likely we can assist more quickly. -

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